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Il Fioccone Summer
Il Fioccone Summer

Il Fioccone Summer

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Il fioccone® is THE headband! Adjustable with Velcro, built around a circle and with a special message written inside each piece. You put it on and it never comes off, even after a whole day, even if you dance or go to the gym! Designed for the curly hair, it fits very well to all the heads, short hair, smooth, wavy, rasta or crests. Practical to decorate hairstyles or to cover hair re-growth meanwhile the hairdresser gives you an appointment ;)

THE CIRCLE: The Fioccone is built around a circle, a key symbol of geometric perfection, completeness, beginning and end, unity, infinity, giving and receiving, energy and continuity. Undoubtedly my favorite shape, soft and without edges, is positioned at the center of the head to convey positive vibrations.

The circles are made of different materials: metal, wood, bamboo, resins worked by a historic Florentine factory or whatever I encounter in markets and second-hand shops. I often enjoy covering them with scraps of fabric, leather or net.

THE MESSAGE: Inside each Fioccone a message is sewn by hand: words of positivity, motivation, irony to reinforce the spirit or laugh...

For the romantic version of the story I'll send you here.


BASIC SIZE: with adjustable velcro (62 cm circumference, which usually dresses from 56 to 62 cm).

TINY HEADS: with adjustable velcro (58 cm circumference, which usually dresses from 52 to 58 cm).

LEXTRALARGE: with adjustable velcro (64 cm circumference, which usually dresses from 60 to 64 cm).

Since the heads are not all the same, I invite you to read here. If you have any doubts, write me before purchasing. NB: please specify in the note which size you want!

MATERIAL: 100% cotton

Italian design, Made in Tuscany. 

For any doubt or special request write to: