Il Fioccone®


Who has curly hair already born with a mess in the head. A mess of hair, of course. A thick mass that is often unmanageable, that does not get combed except in the shower, but which disguises the disorder on a daily basis (practically it always seems that you have pulled a bomb on your head). But there is an advantage: you can “style yourself” with extreme rapidity, since everything that sticks between the curves of the hair, even a pen, struck to perfection. Among the various save-chaos proposals there is an “ancient” one, very very fashionable now, which I have always liked: the wrapped fabrics in the head!

I love African women with their heads decorated with their wax fabrics, wonderful hairstyles, great ability to settle the fabrics on the head giving different forms and functions. But when a person is not skilled, is not patient and does not have time to experiment… what does she do?

She tries to find more practical and immediate ways to achieve the same thing. I tried with the elastic bands, but with particular hairstyles you get tangled up and you spoil yourself. I tried with the classic ones with the wire inside, but 1-it takes too much patience, 2-fall and to keep them up you still have to use a million hairpins, 3-in winter you can not put the hats on. So here comes the idea of the FIOCCONE …

The Fioccone is a slightly wider headband that closes with the innovative … STRAP! You put it on and it never comes off, even after a whole day, even if you dance or go to the gym! Comfortable, no? Made in firm or stretch fabric, the system works the same; designed for the curly, it fits very well to all the heads, short hair, smooth, wavy, rasta or crests. Practical to decorate hairstyles or to cover hair re-growth meanwhile the hairdresser gives you an appointment;)

Handmade with different types of fabric, from African wax to the recycling of curtains, sheets, tablecloths and other fabrics recovered in markets and stocks of historic Italian companies. Completely dubbed, it is durable, washable and comes in many combinations of patterns / colors. All pieces are unique.

THE CIRCLE: The Fioccone is built around a circle, a key symbol of geometric perfection, completeness, beginning and end, unity, infinity, giving and receiving, energy and continuity. Undoubtedly my favorite shape, soft and without edges, is positioned at the center of the head to convey positive vibrations.

The circles are made of different materials: metal, wood, bamboo, resins worked by a historic Florentine factory or whatever I encounter in markets and second-hand shops. I often enjoy covering them with scraps of fabric, leather or net.

THE MESSAGE: Inside each Fioccone a message is sewn by hand: words of positivity, motivation, irony to reinforce the spirit or laugh;). Messages can be customized.

The Fioccone is something more than just a “headband“.

You can take a look at those in the SHOP or order a personalized one!