Cattitude, or Gattitudine in Italian, is not just a simple "collection".

Is a statement and a declaration of love and respect for this beautiful animal that is on the Earth and next to the humans since long long long time ago. 

For sure my guide animal and the one that I like to spend my time with, looking at them and learning so much from their way of living, from the relaxing moment until the craziest one, in the elegance and the funny behavior. I love them. All. Not just mine ;) 

For that reason, I decide to dedicate and entire collection to the soft furry cats, decline their beauty and attitude in a funky series of prints that has cats and their crazy world as main subject. 4 prints, 6 different colors and a lot of love. The prints are made in Como on a white base fabrics recovered from certain death in a warehouse in Gallarate (Milano), thrown away from such a big brands like Gucci and Pinko (that's a pity that they can't use everything that they decide to produce :P).


Sensitivity. Curiosity. Creativity. Patience. Independence. Elegance and stupidity, beauty and irony, but above all profound FREEDOM.

I love everything about the feline, from the softness of the fur to the funny expression, from the plastic poses bordering on the absurd to the sinuos ability to fit in everywhere (defying gravity and proportions). Sluggish, sly, arrogant, capable of getting what they want, rubbing themselves lovingly or pulling out their nails.

Cattitude is a tribute to the feline essence. A collection as soft as a kitten, colorful like the best coats of a furry friend, energetic and sly. That will help you to release the cat within you.


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